The type of socks, which are amazing for our feet health:

January 14, 2020


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Those who are habitual of wearing a sock must know what type of socks are best for them and how man types of socks are available in the market. There is a variety of socks based upon the choice of the consumer and according to the consumer preference socks are made of many forms like there are, Ankle length socks, quarter-length socks, crew length socks, Mid calf-length socks, calf-length socks, knee-length socks, and thigh length socks. There are more than these options when you would buy socks but people use to ask What are bombas socks?.

The socks which are made from Pima cotton and they are made for better temperature control and moisture wicking these socks known as Bombas socks are very different from normal traditional socks. These socks are famous for having optimal comfort and efficient quality. These socks are cushioned heel and they would protect every part of feet including toe, they would protect your feet from blisters.

The materials which are combined for making these socks are 69% Pima cotton, 27% polyester, 3% rubber and only 1% spandex. These socks should be washed with warm water this would make their material strong and fungal-free. The best thing about these socks is they are made of breathable material, the material which remains warm in winter and becomes cool in summer so, the individual could wear these socks easily in every season. These socks include invisitoe that is a hand-linked toe seam to eliminate that annoying and disturbing bump on the toes.

So, if you are habitual of wearing socks at home and outside the home, check out these socks and feel the comfort of these socks, as socks are made for the protection of your feet do not let your feet bare and do not make them unhealthy just wear your favorite pair of socks.